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   September 16th
What's new on our site

Filter jobs by location:
- From now, we will settle the destinations according to their frequency

- You can now share your results on Facebook and Linkedin

Company profile and job posting:
- Now you can share company profiles or jobs with one click on Facebook or Linkedin

Apply for a job:
- From now, the uploaded CV and the Linkedin profile will be added to your application by default, you do not need to upload it separately

   September 1st
What's new on our site
Your Self-Branding profile now has 3 levels:

I'm looking for this
DreamJo.bs CV: which means filling in the mandatory fields
Self Branding profile: which means filling in all the fields

By filling in the Self-Branding profile completely, the download function becomes available.

Among the additional content, the “Article” content is called “Link”.

Job cards have been redesigned:

Gold partnership display label
Loveable workspaces sponsors have a gold / silver / bronze frame

Our information page for companies has been completely transformed.
   August 19th
What's new on our site

Job cards have been renewed:

  • Our Gold level partners were given a gold frame
  • Job categories are displayed in a red label in the upper left corner
  • The remote work option is displayed on a gray label in the upper right corner
  • The available bonus is displayed on the green label next to the pay bar
  • Other benefits are also posted on job cards below the pay bar
  • The job level and place of work are also displayed on the job card
  • The Save Job button changes to a star

The job cards in the Daily Favorites section have also been modified:

  • Job categories are displayed in a red label in the upper left corner
  • The remote work option is displayed on a gray label in the upper right corner
  • The available bonus is displayed on the green label next to the pay bar
   August 4th
What's new on our site

Our search tool has been renewed:

  • As you type, we give suggestions for your search
  • Default search in all our content
  • You can select extra badges that narrow your search

The "Interesting about me" boxes already appear on your downloadable Self-Branding profile

The DevChallenge quiz completion limit changes from 1 to 3, which means that a maximum of 3 quizzes can be completed in 1 day in a category.

   July 19th
What's new on our site

The purchase function is available on the Romanian site

The Lovable Jobs 2021 page has launched

The “new normal” box can now be filled in on the company profile

Company profile header changed

The completed self-branding profile in pdf format will be sent by e-mail to the user

   July 6th
What's new on our site

DevChallenge Boosters

  • You can get help with quiz questions:
    • You can ask for extra 30 seconds
    • You can rule our an incorrect answer
    • You can ask for a new question

Invite your friends for a DevChallenge

  • You can invite your friends to show what they know
  • You can send the invitation via e-mail

Self Branding profile video

  • On our self-branding profil page, you can now learn about our next-generation CV in a video
   June 25th
What's new on our site

More transparent self branding profile editing

  • You can now navigate between each field more easily and track your fill status more easily.

Faster page loading

  • Thanks to our improvements, the loading speed of each page has increased.

DevChallenge profile

  • You can also track your quiz results on your profile on DevChallenge.

DevChallenge Instagram

  • You can now access our instagram page from the page footer.
   May 25th
What's new on our site

Quicker registration

  • You can registrate on our site by filling in only 4 data fields, you can add the rest of the information later.

Notification of completed improvements

  • We will give you information about new developments in the usability of the site, and you can also read the details.

You can choose the form of registration

  • You can switch between employee and employer option with one click on our registration platform.

Mobile view conversion

  • We have made our mobile interface more user-friendly, you can access all our menus with one click.

Date of posting

  • You will find the time of the publication for each job.

Country and language selection

  • In the header you can choose which country's ads you want to see and in which language you want to browse our site.

Notice of the expiration of a job advertisement

  • If you have saved a job, we will notify you 3 days before expiration so you won't miss  the opportunity!

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